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Kymera’s comprehensive cylinder and component remanufacturing facility was built to service the largest mining and hoisting equipment used by surface mining operators. All remanufacturing services from disassembly and inspection, to salvage (including machining, welding, electroplating and HVOF), to assembly, test and paint are performed in our new, dedicated remanufacturing facility. This integrated approach allows rapid turnaround, drives down cost and ensures all elements of every job are managed directly by Kymera’s quality assurance system.  

Kymera’s operation was conceived, capitalized and built-out to service the largest mining and hoisting equipment used by surface mining operators. Material handling, machine tools, plating and thermal spray cells, and test equipment were selected specifically to manage the largest, most complex remanufacturing jobs.  

More than just cylinders, Kymera’s materials science and surface engineering capabilities extend to include large off-highway truck suspension systems, mass mining shovel hydraulic dipper door snubbers, center joints, track adjusters and other components requiring a metal coatings solution to prolong service life and reduce equipment owning and operating costs.  

Kymera offers flexible solutions customized to meet your needs as we understand that every repair situation is unique and the repair solution needs to be tailored accordingly. Kymera offers comprehensive remanufacturing for high-hour components where extended service life is expected, down to more modest repairs when a value solution is the preferred option.  


Types of Component Remanufacturing


Hydraulic Cylinders and Suspension Components
Kymera’s unrivalled remanufacturing capabilities include vertically integrated and comprehensive operations with extensive repair capabilities. We operate an ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system with confirmation that the end product meets the most discerning client requirements. Our transparent manufacturing system facilitates repair planning for clients with large fleets to manage.

Slurry Valves
Kymera’s specializes in remanufacturing large diameter severe service knife gate valves utilized in oilsands, mining, petrochemical, power, forestry and general industrial applications. Kymera’s comprehensive remanufacturing service returns valves to a like-new condition at a fraction of the new replacement price. For particularly severe applications where extending service life is the priority, such as oilsands underflow piping, Kymera’s proprietary eutectic tungsten carbide coatings are proven to consistently deliver industry leading mean time between outage results.

Hydraulic Dipper Door Snubbers
Kymera offers a comprehensive remanufacturing program for hydraulic style dipper door snubbers.

Component Salvage – Mobile Equipment
In addition to complete hydraulic cylinder, suspension and snubber assemblies, Kymera offers individual component remanufacturing service for clients who prefer to manage the overall assembly repair.

Component Salvage – Turbomachinery Components
Blowers, compressors, pumps and related turbomachinery components are high value assets providing mission critical services in a broad range of industrial applications. Our advanced nanocoatings and application technologies protect impellers, diffusers, casings, volutes, shafts, rings, plungers and other critical turbomachinery component parts subjected to corrosion and abrasion forms of wear.

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