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Renewably Sourced Energy

Kymera International is proud to announce four of its production facilities are operating on 100% renewably sourced electricity:

  • Mepura
  • ECKA Granules Germany
  • ECKA Granules Australia
  • Innobraze

Environmental Impact Highlight
Located in Austria, Mepura has significantly reduced its GHG operating emissions and continues to improve our impact on the environment. ECKA Granules Germany has also measurably reduced its operating emissions and is expected to save additional metric tons of carbon emissions annually.

Commitment to

Our Global Sustainability Challenge is a cross-functional activity to drive employee engagement worldwide and develop a pipeline of improvement projects. The next challenge-generated idea is to reduce total carbon emissions by 3,000 metric tons.

In addition, our responsible sourcing program ensures our suppliers are engaged and participating in the support of our sustainability values. We are committed to aligning our goals throughout the entire manufacturing value-chain.

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