The companies under Kymera International have a long history and have been producing metal powders for over 100 years. The Group has manufacturing plants in seven countries and produces a wide array of materials including aluminum and aluminum alloys, copper and copper alloys, copper oxide, lead, magnesium, plain bearing alloys, silver coated, tin, zinc and various specialty alloys in a wide range of shapes and particle sizes from coarse to ultrafine (<1um). Products include powders, pastes, ingots and granules.

ECKA Granules (officially formed as an independent company in 2001), can trace its roots back to 1876 when ECKART established a small “gold beaters shop” in Fürth, Germany. In 1918 its first powder facility was founded to manufacture bronze powders and in 1929 its first aluminum powder facility was established.

ACuPowder International was originally formed in 1916 as The Metals Disintegrating Company to manufacture metal powders. It changed ownership over the years and became ACuPowder International in 1995.

SCM Metal Products’ metal powder production was originally formed as Glidden Metals Company, which in the early 1930’s began to produce copper powder. In 1967 the Glidden Metals Company merged with Smith-Corona Marchant, (SCM) a typewriter manufacturer, ultimately changing its name to SCM Metal Products.

Reading Alloys was formed in 1953 by Fredrick H. Perfect on his family’s farm located just to the west of Reading, Pennsylvania.  The company focused on innovative vanadium, molybdenum, and niobium alloys produced via aluminothermic reactions and today remains a leading supplier of mission critical alloys used in military and commercial aircraft structures, jet engine components, and medical implants.

Innobraze emerged in 1997 from the solder paste production of Mahler Dienstleistungs-GmbH and the BrazeCoat division of Degussa AG.  INNOBRAZE combines the know-how from decades of soldering experience.