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Kymera International is a leading, global developer and manufacturer of advanced specialty materials across a diverse range of end-markets.
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Kymera International

Innovating Specialty Metals and Coatings Worldwide

Kymera International is a world-renowned leader in manufacturing specialty metals and coatings. Our innovative solutions consistently redefine possibilities across a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, healthcare, and beyond.

Headquartered in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, with manufacturing facilities in ten countries, our global reach enables us to efficiently cater to diverse market needs while maintaining unparalleled quality standards. Our unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering excellence through a culture of innovation has positioned us as a trusted partner for superior material solutions worldwide.

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Our story is more than a chronicle of milestones; it’s a testament to our passion for redefining industry standards. From humble beginnings to global prominence, follow our evolution as we continue to shape the world of specialty metals and coatings. Follow along as we share the narrative that fuels our commitment to craftsmanship and unwavering quality.

Our Story

Dive into a world where boundaries are challenged, and possibilities are redefined. Stay up-to-date with insightful articles, captivating stories, and updates on pioneering advancements in specialty metals and coatings. Join us on this journey of discovery, where innovation isn’t just a concept—it’s our daily pursuit.

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Our commitment to excellence extends beyond our products; it’s deeply rooted in our workforce. Discover a world of opportunities where your expertise meets cutting-edge technology and global impact. Explore diverse career paths, unleash your potential, and be part of a team shaping the future of specialty metals and coatings worldwide.


Our commitment to delivering exceptional quality is deeply embedded in every particle we produce. We adhere to strict global policies, ensuring that our products and services not only meet but exceed industry standards. Our dedication to excellence goes beyond our products; it encompasses our responsibility to operate sustainably, ethically, and in accordance with international regulations. We are proud to uphold these principles as we set benchmarks for quality and responsible global practices in our pursuit of excellence.

Policies & Quality Assurance

Our Brand

(pronounced kī-ˈmer-ə)

is an adaptation of Chimera, which according to Greek mythology was a massive fire-breathing being, created from the parts of more than one animal. For our company, it symbolizes AmeriTi Manufacturing, CASL Surface Technologies, ECKA Granules, Innobraze, KDF Fluid Treatment, Metallisation Ltd., Reading Alloys, SCM Metal Products, Telex Metals and Thermal Spray Solutions coming together to create one resilient entity. Our logo is a symbol of strength, respect and longevity, combining three powerful animals: namely, the lion, the ram, and the serpent.

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