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Kymera specializes in remanufacturing large diameter severe service knife gate valves utilized in oilsands, mining, petrochemical, power, forestry and general industrial applications. Kymera’s comprehensive remanufacturing service returns valves to a like-new condition at a fraction of the new replacement price. For particularly severe applications where extending service life is the priority, such as oilsands underflow piping, Kymera’s proprietary eutectic tungsten carbide coatings are proven to consistently deliver industry leading mean time between outage results.

Kymera’s comprehensive remanufacturing process includes:

  • Complete valve disassembly, inspection and rebuild
  • Valve body weld build-up and machining
  • Gate weld repair and hardfacing
  • Inspection and testing of all welds
  • Hydraulic cylinders remanufactured to as new condition
  • Tungsten carbide coating applied to wear liners

Kymera remanufactures all makes, sizes and configurations of severe service knife gate valves up to 36” ID with application of tungsten carbide coatings from 2mm to 25mm.

Features & Benefits

Only the spray & fuse process retains eutectic tungsten carbide properties
  • Eutectic tungsten carbide is measurably superior to other coatings in impact and wear resistance and provides maximum service life
Spray and fuse process attains diffusion bond without creating brittle phases
  • Minimizes spalling and prolongs valve service life
In-house metallurgists to customize alloy blends
  • Optimize performance at desired price point
Coating selection and application process managed in-house
  • Faster turnaround, avoids third party mark-ups and ensures achievement of quality objectives
ISO and ABSA certified manufacturing process
  • Third party validation that manufacturing process delivers promised results

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