Integrated Metal Processing

Our unique processing methods and toll services for titanium yield high-quality, consistent and cost-effective products, including ferrotitanium, washed aerospace-grade turnings, and processed briquettes and solids.
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The leading choice of manufacturers for fully integrated titanium metallurgical products

At our facility in Detroit, Michigan, our business consists of utilizing raw materials to process and produce titanium metallurgical products for use by the producers of titanium, steel, stainless steel, aluminum and powder metallurgy products. We process all types of titanium materials, in addition to producing ferrotitanium and titanium metal powder.

With over 70 years of experience, we consistently exceed customer expectations through a devoted focus on safety, quality and service. Our policies reflect our core values and drive the performance of our company. We focus on the fundamentals of safety, producing high-quality products as cost effectively as possible, while progressing through continuous improvement initiatives. Our facility is proud to be ISO9001 certified.



Ferrotitanium is primarily used in the manufacture of automotive-grade steel, as well as in appliances and tubular goods. Ferrotitanium is a production improvement technology and acts as a grain refiner that increases the ductility of steel, which leads to improvements in the life of stamping dies at auto producers.

Kymera is the largest Ferrotitanium producer in North America by total capacity. We use two induction furnaces to melt and reprocess titanium, producing a highly consistent product from inconsistent material. We produce lumpy FeTi used by steel producers as a direct addition to their melt, as well as FeTi fines (powder) used by cored wire producers and steelmakers as a trim addition.

We can produce any chemistry to our customer’s unique specifications.

Toll Services

We also specialize in washing titanium turnings for re-melt applications. Our process involves crushing, washing and drying the chips to sell to titanium melters. We are qualified to supply processed turnings that can be used in rotating parts, such as aerospace engine components. Other processing capabilities include torchwork, shearing and roll crushing.

Kymera is uniquely positioned in the titanium market and is the largest toll processor as measured by both production capacity and market share. The majority of our toll processing supports commercial aerospace applications, both for airframes and engines, though some material is used in titanium for defense and medical applications as well. With a typical aerospace buy-to-fly ratio of 7:1, the industry generates regularly available raw materials for processing.

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Fully integrated titanium processing

for turnings, solids, and briquettes

Our titanium metal processing facility takes in 100% recycled raw material, in any form, turning it into finished product. Materials are purchased from around the world, including all forms of titanium solids from various manufacturing processes, titanium turnings from machining operations, by-products and co-products from mill product producers, various off-grade materials, semi-finished products, and other raw materials. We use those raw materials to manufacture bulk weldable, feedstock and steel and aluminum additive. We have a full laboratory for alloy identification and quality control.


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