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Kymera International is a leading, global manufacturer of specialty materials, infusing innovation into every particle produced. Focused on growth and furthering the technology of material science, Kymera is shaping the future of manufacturing. Complimented by a vast portfolio of capabilities, Kymera is a leading material and service supplier across a diverse range of end-markets.

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Kymera specializes in the fusion of cutting-edge technology and age-old metallurgical principles giving rise to a new era of possibilities. From the microcosm of particles to the macro scale of commercial and industrial applications, our powders wield mighty influence. We engineer particulate materials found in specialty applications around the world that improve how we live and work.

Metal Powders & Pastes

Kymera produces master alloys, specialty alloys and high-purity metal powders for customers who manufacture or market critical products. Known for our superior expertise in aluminothermic smelting, induction melting, vacuum sintering and metal powder production, we are the preferred supplier for producers of high-quality titanium and super alloy mill products used in aerospace and aircraft applications.

Titanium & Master Alloys

Our purpose is to continuously improve the performance of high value, mission-critical parts through the application of wear-resistant metallic or ceramic alloy coatings. We collaborate to determine your desired component performance, carefully assessing the operating environment to select the appropriate alloy, preparation process, application technology and finishing operation needed to achieve the expected result.

Surface Technologies

As the leading choice for manufacturers of fully integrated titanium products, our business consists of utilizing recycled materials to produce titanium metallurgical products for producers of titanium, steel, stainless steel, aluminum and powder metallurgy products. We handle various titanium materials, processing them all, while also manufacturing ferrotitanium and titanium metal powder.

Integrated Metal Processing

Driven by the desire to advance the additive manufacturing landscape and supported by deep technical expertise, spanning decades of experience, Kymera is actively developing new additive manufacturing materials. Our powders have been utilized in powder bed fusion, laser metal deposition and cold spray applications for years, and now we are taking that expertise and applying the technology to metal binder jetting.

Additive Manufacturing

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