Electrical engineers are using tablets to monitor the operation of the solar rooftop. Renewable energy concepts.

Sustainability / ESG

We produce specialty materials with the well-being of the environment, our employees, and our communities in mind.

Kymera International continues to implement efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact through tangible actions on our sites.

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Renewably sourced energy

Kymera International is proud to announce four of its production facilities are operating on 100% renewably sourced energy:

  • Mepura
  • ECKA Granules Germany
  • ECKA Granules Australia
  • Innobraze

Environmental impact

Located in Austria, Mepura has reduced its GHG operating emissions by 1,000 metric tons in 2021. ECKA Granules Germany reduced its operating emissions by 4,000 and is expected to save additional metric tons of carbon emissions annually.

Employee-led commitment to sustainability

Our Global Sustainability Challenge is a cross-functional activity to drive employee engagement worldwide and develop a pipeline of improvement projects. This next challenge generated idea is to reduce total carbon emissions by 3,000 metric tons.

Working day on a hydroelectric power plant. Checking the condition of the power equipment, and analysing the data and the results of measurements with a mobile app.