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Aluminum Lightweight PM


The Alumix® family of products are ready-to-press powders made up of aluminum, aluminum alloys and other elements. The production of lightweight automotive and industrial parts yields high strength and excellent corrosion resistance.

Kymera International’s powder metallurgy grades can replace aluminum die-cast parts as well as their heavier steel PM counterparts.

Typical grades are:

Alumix® 123 (Al Cu Mg Si)
Alumix® 321 (Al Mg Cu)
Alumix® 231 (Al Si Cu Mg)
Alumix® 431 (Al Zn Mg Cu)
MMC (metal matrix composites)

lightweight aluminum particles


  • Press-ready, pre-lubricated powder
  • Irregularly shaped particles provide outstanding green strength
  • Homogenous blend of constituents results in consistent part to part properties