Sanctions – Embargoes and Conflict Minerals Policy

Sanctions, Embargoes and Conflict Minerals

Kymera International is committed to doing business legally and ethically and with the utmost integrity. We condemn corruption in all its forms and will not tolerate it in our business or with any of our business partners. We fully abide by all embargo and sanctions lists and will not trade, directly or indirectly, with sanctioned parties or anyone in Embargoed Countries.

We shall fully comply with the 2012 SEC final ruling on Conflict Minerals. We expect our suppliers to audit their raw material sourcing to ensure compliance.

Kymera International and its business partners, namely, Customers, Suppliers, Agents, Distributors, etc. (individually as a “Party”, or, collectively as, “the Parties”) shall act in accordance with and comply with, applicable laws, administrative regulations, and executive orders of any Applicable Jurisdiction relating to Conflict Minerals, The International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) related to Kymera International products, raw materials procured on behalf of Kymera International and any material produced using Kymera International products (collectively as the “PRODUCTS”).

In accordance therewith, the Parties will not import, export or re-export any PRODUCTS to/from any country that may, at the time in question, be subject to comprehensive United States economic and trade embargoes or sanctions. For a complete list please visit:

The Parties shall abide by all rules and regulations in Applicable Jurisdiction(s), including OFAC Regulations, the rules and regulations as set forth in the Arms Export Control Act, Trading with the Enemy Act, Anti-Boycott Laws, Antitrust Laws, and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

Furthermore, the Parties will not disclose any Confidential Information to any person or import, export or re-export any Confidential Information or PRODUCTS to any country if a given Party knows or has reason to know that such disclosure, import, export, or reexport requires a license under the EAR of the United States Department of Commerce, unless a Party has obtained the required license.

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