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Standing Against Racism

To all Kymera Employees,

We all are aware of the recent global pandemic caused by COVID-19 and the fear it has spread amongst the people of the world. However, we have also been hit with another crisis, one that has been around for a long time and only seems to get attention when we see it on the news. Unlike a disease that can find a cure, racism is widespread and seems to never go away. The recent killing of George Floyd in Minnesota in the U.S. is unfortunately nothing new to the African American people of the U.S. and other people of color around the world. In the past few days I have watched several videos of people being questioned about their right to be somewhere, simply based on the color of their skin and this is beyond comprehensible.

I am proud that Kymera International is a well-diversified company with people of color, different religious beliefs and a strong mix of men and women. However, we can always do better and I am urging all Kymera employees to do what they can at work and in their private lives to ensure that racism, antisemitism and any hatred of another human being based on the way they look or what they believe in is stopped.

It is not okay to ignore and look the other way. It is time to speak up and support all of humanity to ensure we continue to grow as a society. Rest assured that Kymera International is COMMITTED TO EQUALITY.

This is certainly a time for all of us to reflect and I encourage you to go and talk with someone of color and ask them what it is like to be in their shoes. Without this knowledge it is impossible for us to even begin to understand the strife they face each and every day. We must stop racism.

I would like to begin a Kymera International Company program to help fight racism and promote equality amongst all and so I encourage you to send your ideas to Human Resources and we will then form a working group to come up with a plan.

I wish you all a safe and healthy day.

Barton White – CEO
Kymera International®

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