Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA)



PTA is a high energy, low heat inert gas weld overlay process that provides minimal interaction with the substrate material while allowing application of very thick coatings, often up to 3/8”. Commonly applied coatings include tungsten carbide, chrome carbide, Stellite and stainless steels.



Features & Benefits

Low heat input
  • The arc plasma’s concentrated heat source leaves a small weld puddle resulting in minimal dissolution of the base material
Small heat affected zone (<0.150”)
  • Decreases the detrimental impact of a heat
Low dilution, typically 2% – 5%
  • Allows the overlay deposit to maintain its properties through the thickness of the overlay
Metallurgical bond increases adhesion of the overlay to the base material
  • Increases impact resistance of the overlay
Wide variety of materials can be applied
  • Allows selection of alloy type, size and matrix optimized for specific application
Minimal distortion of the substrate
  • Reduced finishing work needed to maintain dimensional specifications lowers cost and improves product quality

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