Overlaid Piping Spools



With over 1,000 piping spools delivered into the oilsands, Kymera’s proprietary spray and fuse tungsten carbide coatings are the proven choice to prolong asset life in severe service tailings and hydrotransport applications. Kymera has invested more than 10 years in lab and field testing to optimize its proprietary ST-66 tungsten carbide alloy, an impact and wear-resistant powdered alloy designed for, tested and utilized extensively in severe oilsands applications. Where ST-66 has replaced chrome carbide coatings, clients typically report more than a four-fold increase in mean time between outages, saving up to 42 maintenance days per year.


As the only oilsands supplier with spray and fuse tungsten carbide application systems capable of servicing spools over five feet in length, Kymera can process spools from 8” to 120” ID and up to 40’ in length. Coatings from 2mm to 25mm can be applied to straight pipe, tees, wyes, reducers and bends of any angle or arc length.


Features & Benefits

Only the spray & fuse process retains eutectic carbide properties
  • Eutectic tungsten carbide is measurably superior to other coatings in impact and wear resistance
Spray and fuse process attains diffusion bond without creating brittle phases
  • Minimizes spalling and prolongs spool service life
In-house metallurgist to customize alloy blends
  • Optimize performance at desired price point
Single source of supply capability
  • One PO and vendor to manage design, fabrication and overlay
Repair service available
  • Reduce cost by repairing damaged spools vs a high cost new replacement
Able to combine with chrome carbide to form a “hybrid” coating
  • Utilize tungsten in only high wear leading edge area to maximize life while minimizing cost

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