InnoTape refers to polymer bonded flexible tape consisting of Nickel or Cobalt based super-alloy and brazing filler metal powders, which are used for repair and restoration of gas turbine components through the diffusion brazing process.

These flexible repair tapes can be cut easily to the desired geometry and placed onto the repair parts including curved surfaces with specially developed adhesives, resulting in a contour-accurate new surface with properties similar to the base material after brazing.

Pre-sintered preforms (PSPs) derived from InnoTapes are powder metallurgically produced binder free sheets of desired composition. PSPs are manufactured in near-net shape in the required geometries and fixed to the repair parts by means of tack welding. Flawless joints with the least amount of porosity and almost no shrinkage are produced after brazing of such PSPs.

3-dimensional preforms offer exact adjustment for complex shaped repair areas of turbine parts reducing expensive manual reworking after brazing, which are tailored individually and precisely according to the customer-specific requirements.