Innobraze Brazing Tapes


Innobraze brazing tapes are available based on Nickel and Iron brazing filler metals. These tapes allow the application of preforms and strip materials made from brazing alloys, which are usually brittle in the as-cast structure.

By simple cutting and stamping operations, preforms can be manufactured close to the required shape. In addition, preforms can be manufactured for complex shapes or geometries.

Innobraze brazing tapes can be brazed in industrial furnaces under a protective atmosphere or in a vacuum.


  • Innobraze brazing tapes are flux free tapes with high metal content and very low organic binder quantities of usually less than 2%
  • Special adhesives are available to apply the tape to the surface if required. Tapes and preforms are offered in a thickness between 0.3 and 3 mm
  • The filler metal can be preplaced during the assembly process well in advance of heat treatment

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