Infiltration Paste


Infiltration serves to fill the pores/voids of a sintered or green PM compact by using a metal or metal alloy of a lower melting point compared to the base material. The infiltration process will produce parts with greater density, increased strength, toughness, hardness, improved impact strength, and thermal conductivity of the base metal part. Infiltrated parts can be easily plated, can be welded or brazed and will have improved machinability. Infiltrated steel parts will respond to normal heat treatment practices.

Cubond® copper infiltration pastes are an economical and preferred alternative to pressed slugs and solid wire; offering little to no handling or waste. The paste is precisely deposited in any shape (dots, lines, circles, or squares) to achieve excellent weight control and placement.

Cubond® pastes are designed to be dispensed by hand-held devices or by automatic dispensing equipment. Paste is retained in position during the furnace heating cycle. The vehicle evaporates; the filler metal melts and infiltrates into the PM part.


  • No tooling required for PM compacts
  • Eliminates pressing and handling of fragile PM compacts
  • Ease of automation
  • Reduced dusting
  • Precise weight control
  • Improved control of part density

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