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Kymera provides quality on-site application of high velocity thermal sprayed coatings for a variety of severe service applications. Kymera deploys high-energy powder combustion and twin wire electric arc systems to provide clients with dense, high strength, low porosity coatings to protect and extend asset life.

Kymera’s in-house, experienced technical team works closely with clients to comprehensively understand the wear problem and develop a customized fit-for-purpose solution. Kymera’s variety of thermal spray systems provides the ability to apply a vast range of coating materials – from aluminum to zinc and all of the alloys in-between. We are the preferred Hastelloy® thermal spray service provider; the coating that is the industry go-to for protection against corrosion problems in the oil and gas industry.

Thermal spray is used predominately to protect tanks and vessels from corrosion but may also be suitable for combined corrosion/erosion applications.


Typical on-site thermal spray alloys:

  • Aluminum for atmospheric corrosion, corrosion under insulation (CUI), corrosion under fireproofing (CUF), saltwater corrosion and sulphur attack
  • Stainless steels for moderate corrosion
  • Zinc for atmospheric corrosion
  • Hastelloy® materials for chloride environments and exceptional corrosion, pitting and erosion resistance
  • Amorphous nickel based materials for high temperature wear resistance and moderate impact abrasion applications
  • Custom alloys, which can be manufactured for special needs upon request

Some advantages of thermal sprayed coatings:

  • Higher service temperatures than most other coating processes
  • There are no metallurgical changes made to the substrate during the application process
  • Thermal sprayed coatings can provide both barrier and galvanic protection
  • Wide selection of alloys can be matched to even the most severe service environments
  • Coatings can be applied during typical maintenance shutdown windows
  • There is no cure time; thermal sprayed coatings can be put into service immediately after application
  • Thermal sprayed coatings can be tied into and extended at later maintenance shutdowns

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