Kymera operates a modern, clean, certified contamination-free electroplating operation designed for rapid processing speed, inside and outside diameter plating and finishing, and the ability to safely handle the ever increasing size of components commonly utilized in oilfield drilling and mass mining applications.

Kymera’s infrastructure capabilities include:

  • 50’ vertical plating
  • 15T overhead cranes
  • Grinding up to 192” length, 34” OD and 8,000 lbs
  • Polishing up to 40’ lengths and 10,000 lbs

Key features of Kymera’s plating operations:

  • All chrome plating tanks are vertically oriented, no use of horizontal tanks. Vertical tanks allow for a concentric application of chrome, whereas horizontal tanks lead to ovality which is exacerbated by heavy chrome deposits typical to many mining and downhole tool components.  
  • Chrome is stripped using caustic vs more traditional acid or grind processes. Acid or grinding often results in removal or damage to the substrate and thus reduces component service life.  
  • Kymera operates an on-site lab to monitor and manage in real-time concentration, conductivity and contamination in each chrome plating cell. Immediate identification and correction of emerging problems ensures consistent application of chrome and subsequent field performance of chrome plated components. Many shops outsource this function delaying the identification and correction of problems and leading to suboptimal plating.  
  • Switch mode, completely programmable and automated rectifiers to ensure consistent and correct application of electric current.  
  • Bake out capabilities available on-site to remove hydrogen embrittlement, if required.  
  • Engineered safety systems remove the need for bulky, awkward PPE improving employee productivity and retention, facilitating supervision and interaction with personnel, such as service advisors, working outside the chrome cell.  
  • Kymera exclusively uses HEEF KR chromium which is specifically designed to reduce wear and provided higher corrosion resistance than conventional chrome products – particularly beneficial in hydraulic applications.  


Types of Electroplating

Hard Chrome Electroplating
Electrolytic deposited chromium metal coating (HEEF KR) with a broad range of wear prevention properties not economically available in any other single coating process.

Sulfamate Nickel Plating
Sulfamate nickel is a 99.9% pure nickel coating with an amorphous (no grain boundaries) structure.


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