Combustion spraying is a cost effective alternative for applying metallic and ceramic coatings in less demanding environments. This process relies on a chemical reaction between oxygen and a combustion fuel to produce a heat source that creates a gas stream with a temperature in excess of 5,342°F (3,000°C). A consumable, usually a powder or wire, is heated and propelled onto a substrate to form a surface coating. Common coatings include stainless steels and aluminums.



Features & Benefits

Field portable equipment
  • Coatings can be applied during planned shutdown operations
High deposition rates
  • Coating rates up to 50 ft2/system/shift under normal shutdown conditions minimize operation disruption
Deposit efficiency up to 98%
  • Less allowed waste and greater labor efficiency reduces on-site time and materials cost
Ergonomic equipment design and operation
  • Less operator fatigue yields better productivity and coating quality

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