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Mixing up something special: Metal Binder-Jetting of Aluminium-Based Alloys

Group of Kymera International additive manufacturing specialists join forces to dive deep into metal binder-jetting technologies for global World PM 2022 Congress & Exhibition

Abstract: Metal binder-jetting (MBJ) technology involves the additive build-up of “green parts” via localized deposition of liquid binder on a powder bed. Green parts are subsequently depowdered, debinded and sintered to near full density. A successful sintering becomes then the critical step for the development of both density and material properties. Aluminium-based alloys, while commonplace for laser-based technologies, have been hitherto neglected in the binder-based approach, due to their notorious oxidation sensitivity and possibly to their less visible presence in the traditional PM industry, compared to ferrous materials. By taking advantage of its multi-decade experience in mass production of PM aluminium grades, Kymera International is adapting several grades of free-sintering aluminium alloys, including those from the 6000- and other series, for use in binder jet additive manufacturing. Progress updates will be provided on the printing and sintering process and material properties after sintering and heat treatment.

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Metal Binder-Jetting of Aluminium-Based Alloys (World PM2022 – Session 29: AM Sinter based Technologies – Binder Jetting Material Development)

Who is Kymera International – Leader in Additive Manufacturing & Metal Binder-Jetting

Citation: Matteo Zanon; Armin Müller; Joseph R. Croteau; Nicholas Murphy; Joseph Workman; Tom Pelletiers

Kymera International / Ecka Granules Germany, Germany & SCM Metal Products, USA

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