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Kymera Enlightens Materials Science Majors in N.C.

Kymera International produces more than specialty materials. We provide customer-specific solutions for complex applications. That requires immense knowledge share between our engineers and various clients – and we are happy to share with the next generation of material scientists, too.

Students from North Carolina State University recently had the privilege of witnessing the processes that make Kymera a leader in powder metallurgy.

Dr. Carl Koch’s Materials Science majors toured Kymera’s facility in Raleigh, NC, under the guidance of metallurgical engineer Wayne Daye. The young scholars learned about the different materials produced on-site as well as the materials’ applications in various end markets. The students also learned about our sustainable approach to metallurgical processes: recycling excess and upcycling byproduct into quality materials.

Powder metallurgy refers to the process by which materials or components are produced from metal powders. This process is often cost effective for manufacturers and greatly reduces yield loss associated with producing components by machining or other forms of subtractive manufacturing. Applications for metal powders are used in a wide range of industries such as automotive, aerospace, energy and medical.

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