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Innovations that last: Re-introducing our coating solutions BrazeCoat® & InnoTape

What is BrazeCoat®?

The BrazeCoat® process enables the production of wear-resistant coatings for protecting the surfaces of components that are exposed to high levels of abrasion or erosion. The deposition brazing process creates an extremely hard surface layer. We offer:

  • Wear protection for small to medium sized components that require frequent replacement.
  • Two unique application methods: BrazeCoat-M (proprietary braze mats applied to part and furnace brazed, layer thickness of 0.5-3.5 mm) & BrazeCoat-S (proprietary braze suspension spray coated onto the part and furnaced brazed, layer thickness of 0.05-0.3 mm).
  • BrazeCoat® application development and coating solutions are engineered by our Innobraze team.
  • BrazeCoat® materials and proprietary brazing processes are also available under mutually agreed technology license for higher volume applications.

For more information on BrazeCoat®, download our flyer here.

What is InnoTape?

InnoTape is a polymer bonded, flexible tape consisting of brazing filler metal and Ni/Co-based superalloy powders of the desired composition. Innobraze, a company of Kymera International, offers turbine repair brazing solutions such as:

  • Flexible repair tapes (InnoTape) of single, double, triple or multilayer
  • Binder free pre-sintered preforms (PSPs) derived from InnoTape
  • 3-dimensional preforms with exact adjustment for complex shapes

For more information about our InnoTape products, download our flyer here.

About Innobraze – System Solutions for Furnace Brazing

INNOBRAZE GmbH, a part of the Kymera International family and located in Esslingen, Germany, specializes in industrial furnace brazing of steel parts, super alloys and copper materials, as well as the brazing of sintered parts. In addition to supplying the required brazing alloys, our experienced Innobraze team can advise you on the design of your brazing processes and support your projects as needed. With over 25 years of leading innovation, we are your solutions partner.

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