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Industry Showcase: Kymera’s ECKA Granules Germany team presents research on Premixed Materials for Diamond Cutting

Matteo Zanon, Darek Kossakowski, & Bernhard Mais, R&D leaders at ECKA Granules Germany, all featured as key contributors in Development of Premixed Materials for Diamond Cutting Tools research article.

Abstract: As an alternative to pure cobalt, “prealloyed” powders have by now firmly established themselves as metallic matrixes in the diamond cutting tools industry. While technically high performing, they must rely on an elaborated production process and face increasing supply chain pressure with regard to cobalt. Moreover, the low compressibility implies high green-to-sinter dimensional change, thus compromising the achievable dimensional precision via free sintering. A new family of cobalt-free premixed materials for diamond cutting tools was developed to fill such gaps. Pressing and sintering results will be presented for several grades; their interaction with synthetic diamonds and their degree of metallurgical bonding was studied as well.

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Development of Premixed Materials for Diamond Cutting Tools

World PM2022 – Session 16: Hard metals, cermets and diamond tools – Super Hard Materials

Published: September 2022

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