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Going beyond the basics: Kymera offers powders for both Thermal & Cold Spray applications

Kymera International provides a variety of copper, bronze, tin, titanium, aluminum, and alloy powders with the tight particle size control required for the thermal and cold spray processes.

Thermal Spray (TS) – In this process, metal powders are heated and accelerated by an energy source, e.g., chemical combustion(flame) or electrical (plasma or arc), to melt or soften the powder. The combination of high temperature and velocity result in droplet deformation on impact at the substrate, and thin surface layers are produced that conform and adhere to the surface to produce a rapidly built-up surface coating.

Cold Spray (CS) – In this application, gas dynamically accelerates the ductile metal powder at supersonic velocities on the substrate. Upon impact, the metal powder plastically deforms and bonds to the surface without melting.

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