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Temporary Furloughs and Salary Reductions

To all Kymera Employees and Valued Partners of Kymera International,

Despite the desire for everyone to get back to a “normal” work-life , Kymera International (the Marketing Brand Name for ACuPowder, ECKA Granules, Innobraze, Reading Alloys and SCM Metal Products) believes that continuing to follow our strict guidelines are necessary to ensure that our employees and their families stay healthy and that we continue to do our part to help rid the world of this horrific pandemic. And so, even as U.S. States and countries around the world begin relaxing restrictions, we will continue with our stringent regulations, including working remotely when possible, taking employees’ temperatures prior to working, not allowing non-essential visitors to our plants and prohibiting employee travel. We will regularly evaluate each situation on a case-by-case basis and when it is time to go back to the office, we will do so in a controlled manner until we are assured all employees are safe.

Our Production Facilities

All of our global production facilities are still operating and open for business. However, the dramatic slowdown in the economy has forced us to furlough employees at various plants and take temporary salary reductions from the executive team down. Our hope is that these temporary measures do not last long.

I greatly appreciate all of our hard-working employees who have once again proven to me why Kymera is such a great company. I would also like to thank our suppliers and customers for their continued loyalty.

Be safe and stay healthy!

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Barton White – CEO
Kymera International®

ACuPowder | ECKA Granules | Innobraze | SCM Metal Products

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