Jefferson’s OCEAN
Aged at Sea® Voyage 30

A gift from Kymera International to our valued partners and friends.
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Voyage 30 Captain’s Log

The adventure of Jefferson’s OCEAN Aged at Sea® Voyage 30 Cask Strength Bourbon kicked off at the bustling Port of Savannah, where Kymera’s barrel boarded a ship destined for a one-of-a-kind aging journey. Amidst ideal storage temperatures ranging from a comfortable 68°F to a balmy 80.6°F, the barrel was loaded and secured as the vessel set sail, charting a global course through the world’s oceans.

As the ship cut through the waves, the mercury soared as they headed south, reaching a sweltering 95°F at the port of Manzanillo, Panama. That heat was the secret sauce for the beginning of your bourbon’s transformation. Through the constant motion of the water, the barrels expanded and contracted like synchronized dancers, coaxing the whiskey in and out of the wood at warp speed – basically turbo mode for maturation!

But it wasn’t all tropical heatwaves that created the depth and complexity you find in your glass. Things cooled down dramatically as OCEAN Voyage 30 crossed the International Date Line, hitting temperatures better suited for a cozy sweater while cruising the waters around the ports of New Zealand and Australia. This weather rollercoaster was the ultimate hyper-aging mechanism, maturing the bourbon as no rickhouse could.

Heading north into the North Australian Basin, temperatures ramped up again, hitting the mid-80s. And that wasn’t even the end of the ride. In the North Pacific Basin, the air temps took a nosedive back to the 40’s, only to soar into the 80’s once again just south of Long Beach, California.

Finally sailing back through the Panama Canal, the ship made its triumphant return to Savannah, having truly been aged at the mercy of the sea. This whirlwind maturation tour was far from a leisurely cruise. Three complete heat cycles later, this bourbon had given up significant angels’ share and emerged from the sea, destined for your glass. Now that’s what we call a well-traveled spirit!

Kymera deeply values our community of partners, customers, suppliers and employees across the globe united in our goal of shaping the future. As a token of our appreciation, we invite you to experience the voyage – savoring the complexity of the flavor, respecting the global journey and marveling at the creativity of innovation. 

Kymera’s Sipping Tips:

As our barrel of Jefferson’s OCEAN Aged at Sea® Voyage 30 Bourbon was bottled at Cask Strength, we wanted to provide some tips on how best to enjoy this level of spirit.

  • Cask-strength bourbon is a type of whiskey that is bottled directly from the barrel without dilution or blending with water. This means the bourbon is presented to your pallet at its natural, undiluted alcohol content as when it matured in the cask.
  • Cask-strength bourbons have a higher alcohol content and a more robust and intense flavor profile. The full concentration of flavors, including the influence of the aging process and the characteristics of the barrel, is preserved. The result is a bolder, more complex bourbon retaining the purity and heat, while providing a better representation of Jefferson’s offering.
  • While cask-strength bourbon is bottled without dilution, it is common for enthusiasts to add a small amount of water to their glass when tasting. This can help unlock and enhance different flavors while slightly reducing the intensity of the alcohol. We recommend adding a couple drops of water or letting your glass rest with an ice cube prior to drinking.
  • Please sip responsibly.

Dear valued customers and friends, I want to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for your unwavering support and business with Kymera International. Your trust, loyalty, and confidence inspire us to strive for excellence in everything we do. To celebrate our partnership and recognize your invaluable contribution to our journey, we are delighted to share with you a special gift of Jefferson's OCEAN Aged at Sea® Voyage 30 Bourbon, bottled at Cask Strength. This exclusive, small-batch bourbon has traveled the world's oceans and represents our expanding global presence and promise of sustainability. We hope you enjoy this small token of our appreciation, and please know that we truly value your partnership. Thank you for being an integral part of our business. We look forward to continuing to serve you and shaping the future together.

Barton White, CEO

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