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Available in All Shapes & Sizes: Presenting Chromium Alloys for Critical Coating Applications

Chromium is an element that adds corrosion resistance, strength, and hardness to metals it is alloyed with and is a key component of specialty alloys, nickel and super alloys. It is mostly used in the production of specialty alloys, nickel and super alloys where low iron is required. In smaller additions, chromium is also added to several aluminum, copper, and titanium alloys.

Chromium containing materials are extensively used within the thermal spray industry to impart barrier coatings with unique characteristics on to metal substrates. In powder or traditional “nugget” form, Reading Alloys’ chrome products provide consistent and reliable properties to final treated components.

Chromium alloys such as 30Al/70Cr and 44Al/56Cr are available for critical coating applications for the aerospace and non-aerospace industries. Through either thermal or plasma spray, or packed powder (CVD processing, Reading Alloys is committed to providing superior quality Cr containing products to these important markets. Our unparalleled experience in alloy design and manufacturing enables us to gain an in-depth understanding of customer specific requirements.

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About Reading Alloys

Kymera International’s Reading Alloys group innovates and produces superior master alloys, specialty alloys and metal powder products renowned for high purity and specific material characteristics. From aerospace to medical, to military to electronics, applications that demand the ultimate in performance rely on our products. The company is widely recognized for its expertise in aluminothermic smelting, induction melting, vacuum sintering, metal powder production and electron beam refining.

Reading Alloys produces high-purity materials in accordance with a certified ISO 9001 / AS 9100 quality management system and tested by a Nadcap accredited analytical laboratory. Our company maintains comprehensive quality assurance processes and precision material characterization systems to support the continued development of our core master alloys and high-purity fine powders.

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