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We prioritize research and development to customize the solutions our clients need for their businesses to succeed.





Pioneers in Material Science™

For over 100 years, we have continually worked to improve operations and exceed customer expectations. We are committed to being responsible corporate citizens, and we set measurable goals to help achieve long-term objectives.

Our brand

Kymera (pronounced kī-ˈmir-ə) is an adaptation of Chimera, which according to Greek mythology was a massive fire-breathing being, created from the parts of more than one animal. For our company, it symbolizes AmeriTi Manufacturing, CASL Surface Technologies, ECKA Granules, Innobraze, KDF Fluid Treatment, Reading Alloys, SCM Metals, Telex Metals and Thermal Spray Solutions coming together to create one resilient entity. The logo combines three powerful animals: namely, the lion, the ram, and the serpent.


Careers that make a difference

Kymera International attracts talented individuals whose passion for materials science improves the world in which we live and work. Join a team of dedicated professionals who want to make a difference.