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Innobraze ML Brazing Paste


Innobraze ML Brazing Pastes are designed for furnace brazing of mild steel, carbon steel, stainless steel or cemented carbides under protective atmosphere or in a vacuum. Steel parts may be hardened after brazing.

The copper filler metals are the ideal solution when joints of high strength and ductility are required.

Silver filler metals are suitable for joining of dissimilar materials. They can be processed at low brazing temperatures.

The nickel- and iron-based filler metals have very good oxidation resistance at elevated temperatures up to the melting range and allows application at high service temperatures.  Due to its high resistance against corrosion, these filler metals frequently are used for applications in aggressive environments.

Specialty filler metals are tailored to meet the customer’s requirements.

Examples include: Active brazing pastes for brazing of ceramics and diamonds, diffusion brazing filler metals, Reactive Air Brazing (RAB) pastes, pastes for brazing of sintered parts, etc.

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  • Innobraze ML Brazing Pastes are available in grades that include various filler metals such as high purity copper, copper-tin, copper-manganese, copper-nickel or copper-iron for wide gap brazing.
  • All Innobraze ML Brazing Pastes are flux free, have a high metal content and excellent storage properties.
  • ML Brazing Pastes are suitable for manual or automated dispensing. The pastes can be adjusted for screen printing or spray applications.