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Infiltrant Powders


Infiltrating powders (IP’s) are typically copper-base materials blended or alloyed with other metals. They are supplied in a press ready form so customers can compact the material into slugs or rings.

IP’s are designed to be used in a one-step heating cycle during which the green ferrous matrix is simultaneously sintered and infiltrated. IP’s are processed to minimize normal erosion or dissolving of the iron matrix during the infiltration process and as a low, medium and high efficiency infiltration powder for iron matrices.

IP’s serve to fill the pores/voids of a sintered or green PM compact by using a metal or metal alloy of a lower melting point compared to the base material. The infiltration process will produce parts with higher density, increased strength, toughness, hardness, improved impact strength, and thermal conductivity of the base metal part.

Infiltrated parts can be easily plated, welded or brazed, and will have improved machinability. Infiltrated steel parts will respond to normal heat treatment practices.

infiltrant powder particles


  • Typically > 96% copper
  • Particle size -100 mesh (<150 µm)
  • Apparent density 2.8g/cc to 4.0 g/c