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Cubond® Brazing Paste


Cubond® is a series of furnace brazing copper-based paste formulations in proprietary vehicle suspension systems.

Furnace brazing is an economical joining method; whereby most ferrous and certain non-ferrous metal components can be solidly joined together in a continuous belt furnace.

Cubond® copper brazing pastes are used around the world as the “universal preform.” It is an economical and preferred alternative to pressed slugs, solid wire and strip preforms; offering little to no handling or waste. The paste is precisely deposited to achieve excellent weight control and placement.

Cubond® pastes are designed to be dispensed by hand-held devices or by automatic dispensing equipment to the braze joint. Paste is retained in position during the furnace heating cycle. The vehicle evaporates; the filler metal melts, fills the joint area, and solidifies upon furnace cooling to form a strong leak-free brazed joint.

assortment of metal parts


  • Cubond® pastes are available in grades that include various filler metals
    • High purity copper
    • Copper-tin, copper-nickel or copper-iron for wide gap brazing
    • Copper-copper oxide
  • Vehicle formulations designed to meet high dew point or low dew point furnace atmospheres
  • Filler metal-vehicle systems designed to meet specific needs of the application