High-Performance Coatings & Pastes

Braze Coat®


Our BrazeCoat® process enables the production of wear-resistant coatings for protecting the surfaces of components which are exposed to high levels of abrasion or erosion.

The deposition brazing process under a protective atmosphere creates extremely hard compound layers which contain up to 70 % by volume of fine-grained carbide particles, embedded in a metallic matrix.

Various tubing parts


  • BrazeCoat Mats
    • Thickness: 1-3mm
  • BrazeCoat Suspension
    • Thickness: 0.05-0.3mm
  • Provide excellent abrasive wear protection due to high hardness (up to 1180 HV).
  • Exhibit high bond strength due to the formation of a metallurgical bond, high carbide content, and almost no dilution with the base metal.
  • Cost-effective for small parts.