March 16, 2020

Dear Valued Partner of Kymera International,

As a follow up to my letter dated March 5, 2020, Kymera International® (the Marketing Brand Name for ACuPowder, ECKA Granules, Innobraze and SCM Metal Products) continues to do its part in protecting its employees and the greater community. We believe the actions we are taking below will help reduce the likelihood of COVID-19 entering our facilities. We have also begun implementing measures to increase inventory at our plants to ensure minimal disruption in the event of a personnel or material shortage.

Effective immediately:

• Kymera employees will no longer be permitted to travel on business until further notification.

• No visitors will be allowed to the Kymera sites unless the visit is related to deliveries or essential outside maintenance contractors.

• Additional resources have been hired to ensure our facilities are cleaned and disinfected multiple times during the day.

• Employees exhibiting symptoms consistent with COVID-19 will be requested to leave the site and only return when they are symptom-free and have a doctor’s certification that they do not have the virus.

• Internal face-to-face meetings are now prohibited unless essential and when the meetings occur no more than two people can attend. The participants must maintain a minimum of 6-feet from one another.

• The CDC and WHO recommend avoiding large groups of people gathering in one place. Because of the nature of our business, Kymera’s operations do not require a large group of employees to be present on the production floor at any given time and so at this time we do not feel that action is required in production or our labs. However, employees should avoid having more than two people in confined areas such as control rooms.

• A staggered work from home approach has been implemented, largely in the administration area where at a minimum, employees will work onsite and at home on alternating days. We will also be moving people around the office areas on a temporary basis to reduce the cluster effect and maintain appropriate distances.

• Kymera will do all it can to ensure no supply disruptions occur. And so, we will be building inventory to best protect our customers should one of our plants have manning issues due to COVID-19.

COVID-19 protocols change on a daily basis and so should further actions be required to protect our employees, customers and the greater population we will be sure to advise.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Barton White – CEO

Kymera International®
ACuPowder | ECKA Granules | Innobraze | SCM Metal Products