Our organization has implemented Convercent to allow you to anonymously submit concerns and complaints regarding any workplace concern. Once your report has been submitted, it will be immediately forwarded to the appropriate individuals within our organization for review. You will also be provided a confidential issue access number and asked to provide a personal password and security question. The access number and password allows you to check the status of the report on the Convercent website, as well as send and receive anonymous messages pertaining to your report at any time. If you provided an email address, it will also be kept confidential, and will allow you receive email notifications from Convercent as the report status is updated.

If you are aware of, or suspect, a breach of Company policy, or you have other workplace concerns or issues, you should:

  • Report it immediately to your supervisor or
  • Call Human Resources

If you do not feel comfortable using the normal procedures and protocols, you can now make an anonymous report via our third-party provider, ConvercentTM. This anonymous and confidential issue reporting solution is not affiliated with our Company. We want you to know that you can report your concerns anonymously and without fear of reprisal through Convercent. Convercent offers two easy options for you to anonymously report issues or concerns. The anonymous reporting services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

• Independently report issues via the Internet at Options are available to display the report form in your preferred language.

o To find our organization when using , enter “Kymera”

  • For those in the United States, call toll free 1-800-461-9330 to report the issue with the help of a Convercent call center representative.
  • For those outside the United States, place a collect call to +1-720-514-4400 to report the issue with the help of a Convercent call center representative and language interpreter. The call center supports more than 300+ languages. Additional international dialing instructions can be displayed in your preferred language at Employees are strongly encouraged to use the Convercent solution. Please contact Human Resources directly with any comments, questions or need for support.