November 24, 2020

To all Kymera International U.S. Employees,

The past several months has been difficult for all employees and the Company. The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a meaningful decrease in business, particularly in our aerospace sector. As you all know we had no choice but to reduce salaries and put a temporary stop to the Company 401-K match. I would like to personally thank those who took salary cuts for their continued dedication to Kymera. I know your jobs did not get any easier, and in fact in many cases your daily workload has become more stressful and demanding.

Business has improved somewhat and while we still face many challenges ahead, rest assured we are “Kymera-Strong” and will continue to invest in our people and our plants to ensure we remain global leaders.

Despite the current economic uncertainty, I do recognize that the cuts we implemented cannot continue forever and so I have decided, effective January 1, 2021, to reinstate the 401-K Company contribution and return salaries to where they were prior to the pandemic.

We all hope a vaccine will be successful and we could all return to some form of normalcy during 2021, but as I indicated in my recent memo regarding the pandemic, we cannot let our guard down and become complacent with the virus. Make no mistake, COVID-19 is here and is gaining momentum as the cold weather approaches.

Thank you again for your dedication to Kymera International.


Barton White – CEO

Kymera International®

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